Fume Extractor - Model FE 1000


  1. Detection in confined space (CL2, BCL3, NH3) and VOC removal.
    • Removes chemical leakage and odor from local area.
    • In emergency situations, such as a toxic gas leak, emergency scrubber can be used for short time.
    • Pollution and contaminants, depending on area, can be selectively collected. e.g. CL2, BCL3, HF, HCL, F2, NH3, H2S, CH3SH, NaOH, CCl4
  2. Clean Air Recycling Methods
    • Only clean air (not dirt or polluted air) passes through the UPLA filter and into to the room.
    • Does not exhaust contaminated air out; maintains the balance of the air in clean room.
    • Using the containment filter, it can be used in any space in the clean room, especially directly on process equipment.
  3. Can be installed as either stationary or mobile.
    • Compact Design; can be used and moved throughout to clean a room.
    • In confined spaces it can be installed as stationary as a stationary purifier.

Inlet Option 1 - Domed

Used for/during: Accumulation at circular domed vacuum pump, gas scrubber CVD, wet station, chemical part replacement, permeating/dispersive gases and powders.

Inlet Option 2 - Basic

Used for: MOCVD chamber, MO Source powder cleaning.


  1. Power
    • Voltage: AC base 208 ~ 220V
    • Electricity: 1.25kW (6 ~ 7A)
  2. Air Volume
    • Static Pressure (mmAq): 12~15㎧ pressure / 20000slm
  3. Filter
    • 3 Stage Filter System: collector, Pre, Medium, resin
    • Noise (dB): 47 ~ 53
  4. Dimensions
    • 810 X 1200 X 1250 (Flexible Arm weight: 250kg)
  5. Resin Life timer system

Parts Diagram

Process Flow Diagram

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