Repair/Refurbish Services

Gosemi Engineering can help with refurbishing and repairing your existing products.


Common Magnet Failures:
  • Lost Magnetization force (Gauss) by built up the oxidization
  • Mechanical damages on the surface
  • Uniformity Failure (<4%)

Magnet Refurbishing Process

  1. Inspection of Gauss
  2. Disassembly & Polishing
  3. 1st Re-magnetization or Damaged Parts Change
  4. Gauss measurement after assembly
  5. Gauss control & Gauss distribution check
  6. 2nd Magnetization (Gaussian Supplementary if needed)
  7. Final Test: Gauss Test, Uniformity Test

MCA Heaters

  • Surface treatment and reconditioning
  • Flatness to a like-new condition
  • Treatment of luminosity to a like-new condition
  • Welding technology between SUS and ALN plates
  • Heater terminal welding technology
  • Helium line welding technology
  • All tests performed: Leak Test, Temperature Test, Uniformity Test, Chucking Test, etc
  • Life-time: Bellows and surface conditions the same as original new condition

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